SRBTC Welcomes Doug Swesty, Long Island Watershed Director

Doug Swesty, former president of the Art Flick Chapter of TU has been named Long Island Watershed Director to help SRBTC work on issues pertaining to restoring sea-run brook trout on Long Island, New York.

Long Island, once well known for sea-run brook trout, contains over a dozen rivers, all with varying needs of attention. While these streams still support wild populations of reproducing brook trout, most are isolated from the sea by dams, thermal barriers and other impediments.

SRBTC has been a supporter of efforts on the Long Island since before SRBTC was fully incorporated and has worked with Doug and former Vice President of the NY Council of Trout Unlimited, David Thompson to understand the unique qualities of the Carmans and other Long Island streams.

SRBTC welcomes Doug and looks forward to beginning activities in New York state.

Expect to hear more from SRBTC about Long Island, New York in the near future.

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