SRBTC Thanks Michael Chelminski

Sea Run Brook Trout Coalition would like to thank Michael Chelminski for his expertise and support over the last 4 years.

Michael is a SRBTC member and an avid outdoorsman. As Senior Associate in Environmental Management at Stantec, Michael has written numerous dam removal site reconnaissance reports for the Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration, including Fresh Brook in Wellfleet, and Mill Brook in West Tisbury on Martha’s Vineyard.

SRBTC is actively involved with both of these projects, advocating for dam removal and restoration of native fisheries, including sea-run brook trout, alewife and American eel.

In addition to site visits and writing the dam removal site recon reports, Michael has written letters commenting on matters related to these projects. He has attended and presented at SRBTC meetings, giving freely of his limited time, and apparently limitless expertise and experience with stream restoration.

This past summer, Michael dug up two spare water temperature loggers from his office, sending them to the Vineyard to be deployed in Mill Brook, above and below Mill Pond. The data that just came back from these loggers shows that Mill Pond raises the temperature of this coldwater stream to untenable levels for native fish.

Factual information like this will help to inform decision making about the future of Mill Brook.


    1. Charles,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      Please keep in mind that as we are not a fishing club but an organization to help conserve and restore sea-run brook trout, you might want to check with your local regulations.

      In Red Brook and the Quashnet River (both on Cape Cod), all the fish there are catch and release only – with artificial lures only in most areas.

      Check your local Fish and Wildlife regulations – but for the most part (outside of Red Brook / Quashnet River) there are no unique regulations pertaining to sea-run fish other than you probably have to have a salt water license if you are fishing below head of tide, and all normal state brook trout restrictions apply.

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