Red Brook at Lyman Reserve

These images are from Red Brook, found at the head of Buttermilk Bay.

Red Brook marks the boundaries between Plymouth, Wareham and Bourne MA.

For more info on Red Brook, including directions and the like, please visit the Lyman Reserve page at

Red Brook is home to native sea-run brook trout and is open for catch and release, artificials only fishing year round.  If you do chose to fish Red Brook, please take special care to avoid fishing or walking over over spawning areas from November through April.  Doing so will help allow Red Brook’s native sea-run brookies to continue to reproduce and thrive.

Red Brook is also one of the home waters of the Southeastern Mass Trout Unlimited Chapter; members of the SEMA TU Chapter can be commonly found fishing or monitoring this special location.

If you have questions about fishing Red Brook, please reach out to SEMA TU Members.

TU also has regular work days there on the brook, if you are interested in helping out, please visit their website for more information.